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Very beginning     

Posted by Katherine Putnam on November 16th, 2009

“Let’s start at the very beginning…”

Hello blogosphere!

While Julie Andrews sang “let’s start at the very beginning,” I find that pertinent recent history is also a “very good place to start.” For those who don’t know me (or for those who don’t know me well, or for those who know me well but have trouble keeping the details of other people’s lives straight), I graduated Messiah College in 2009 with a BA in English Literature and have been working at an otolaryngologist’s office as a receptionist ever since. (Yes, I typed otolaryngologist just because I could.) Alack-a-day, receptionist work does not allow me much opportunity to use my degree in English Lit; nevertheless, I have been very grateful for my employment as I’ve searched for opportunities that will allow me to use my passions and skills.

Just such an opportunity presented itself earlier this fall when my boyfriend, Chris, returned from his second trip to Bolivia and told me about a small Christian school in Cochambamba, the Carachipampa Christian School, that was looking for teachers for the spring 2010 term. While I’ll admit that I’ve always been slightly intimidated by overseas mission work, I couldn’t help but see CCS as a God sent opportunity.

In late September I applied as a short term missionary with Serving in Mission (SIM) and am now very excited to announce that I have been accepted to serve at CCS for six months starting January 5th. While at CCS I may have the opportunity to pick up one or two English classes, however, my main duty will be directing a school play!

I’m very grateful to God for this marvelous opportunity He has given me to serve Him, to serve others, to share in something very dear to Chris’s heart, to challenge myself and to utilize my talents and passions.

I would ask for prayers as I work to raise my financial support ($7,900 overall, $6,000 by December 5th) and prepare for departure.  Pray that God would give me strength and peace, and that He would work through me.


Katherine Elyse

P.S.- Chris has been accepted to serve at CCS for the spring 2010 term as well! Visit his website (listed in “Links” to the left) to find out more about his journey (and to learn more about his previous trips to Bolivia).

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