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Kindness of strangers     

Posted by Katherine Putnam on December 16th, 2009

“I have always depended on the kindness of strangers”

I’m happy to report that our plane tickets have been ordered! Chris and I will depart from Philadelphia the morning of January 5, 2010, arriving (after several changes and many long hours waiting between flights) in Cochabamba on January 6.

Having the plane tickets means two wonderful things: 1) that we’re definitely, definitely going and 2) that we have enough support raised to buy the plane tickets!

On the topic of support, I received a call late last week informing me that a former STA decided to make generous donations to Chris, another STA and myself. His kind gift meant that I have met the upfront amount ($6,000) of my support. I am absolutely amazed at the amount of support God has provided in such a short amount of time; I trust and pray that He will provide my remaining balance ($1,900) in the same astonishing way.

In other news, I Skyped with the director of the school on Monday so we could brainstorm possibilities for the school play I will direct. We’ve made no concrete decisions, but all the ideas (from my favorite Shakespeare play to musicals to children’s theater) were fantastic and I look forward to making our final decision! There’s still a possibility that I may also teach 9th grade English, but that is not set in stone either. If I don’t teach that class the director will find other needs I can fill (such as helping with ESL, library science or reading stories to younger children).

Thanks to everyone who has followed me and supported me thus far, I look forward to reporting on my exact assignments!


Katherine Elyse

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