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Clinking clanking     

Posted by Katherine Putnam on December 7th, 2009

“That clinking clanking sound can make the world go ’round…”

I’ll just go ahead and say it: raising support is probably the most awkward part of preparing for missions. I don’t know that I’ll ever feel comfortable asking friends and family for money. (Though I suppose, in a way, I’m glad that’s something I’m not comfortable doing.)

Saturday was the deadline for the “upfront” percentage of my support, an amount totaling roughly $6,000. As of today (updated 12/10/09) my total stands at roughly $5,200.

While it is a bit scary to have a balance $2,000+ below the total required amount ($7,900), it is also very heartening. I’ve only been raising support since the first week of November, so to have over $5,000 raised is incredible! And, luckily, since our (Chris and my) acceptance came so close to our departure, SIM is graciously taking our unique circumstance into consideration in terms of deadlines.

I want to thank everyone who has chosen to support me (either financially or through prayer). It is your generous donations and loving prayers that make this mission possible!

I ask for your continued prayer and support as Chris and I work towards meeting our budgets. Pray that our financial needs would be met, that God would bless those at SIM who are working so hard to arrange our mission, and that our work at the school would bless the students and glorify God.


Katherine Elyse

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