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An English teacher     

Posted by Katherine Putnam on January 18th, 2010

“If only you were an English teacher…”

Wow. I’ve been here for less than two weeks yet it feels like an eternity since I left home! The past two (-ish) weeks have been packed full of orientations and school, church and time spent with other staff members.

I know that I need to get into a (more) regular habit of updating so I don’t have to strain to remember what has happened between posts. Let’s see…

As mentioned I had SIM orientation last Saturday. As expected it was a lot of information, however there were very fun (and tasty!) aspects as well. We were given all sorts of fruits to try and I had my first saltena. Simply describing a saltena does not give you a true idea of how delicious they are; I now see why Chris raved about them!

Both Sundays Chris and I have gone to church with Julie. Everyone is very kind and friendly, the music is great, and I get to see the young people from the church every Thursday when Julie has them over to dinner. After church last week Chris and I met the Shipsters and the Lindquists for lunch. (The Shipsters are the SIM Bolivia director and his family, and Chris knows the Lindquists from Messiah/his first trip to Bolivia.) It was the first time I had met the Lindquists, despite attempts to meet them before graduation. They are a lovely, fun, generous, amazing family and I’m so glad that they (and therefore Chris) are living only two (mini) blocks away from me.

Last Monday was the start of school. I count myself very lucky that David Fuller (CCS director/former grade 9 English teacher) eased me into class by teaching the first few days and having me pick up the class little by little towards the end of the week. Today (Monday 1/18) was my first day teaching all on my own: Romeo and Juliet, Act 1, scene 1. I’ve had a hiccup or two so far (mostly due to my inexperience), but thus far my class seems very nice and bright, and I look forward to working with them.

Though it’s quite funny being called “Miss” by the kids.

Drama sign ups were last Monday and a total of 22 kids signed up, so we did not have to hold auditions for the class itself. (We were looking to take about 20 or 25 tops.) The class is a fairly even mix of grade levels (six seniors, five juniors, six sophomores and five freshmen), and we even had five guys sign up! Today was our first class, so I spent the hour and a half (we have a double period for drama) doing warm up exercises and improv games. We’ve almost decided on the drama, but I shan’t reveal the choice until it is set in stone.

Also for those wondering, my support is very nearly in; I only have $650 left to raise. God has provided an amazing amount of support in such a short time; I don’t doubt that the rest will come in!

More later! For now, I leave you with some pictures of my classroom and some of the beautiful scenery we have around school!



Katherine Elyse

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