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Spinning round     

Posted by Katherine Putnam on January 8th, 2010

“The world keeps spinning ’round and ’round…”

Wow, it’s been a busy few days here in Cochabamba!

For any and all worried about our safety, no worries; Chris and I arrived safely on Wednesday after traveling for thirty odd hours. Travel was blessedly uneventful: no hitches, bumps or glitches. We did meet a fellow teacher, Christine, while we were waiting to fly from Miami to Santa Cruz. She is lovely and it was great getting to know her, having someone else to help pass the time, and of course another set of eyes watching our stuff during the long waits!

We were met at the airport by a gaggle of SIM/Carachipampa staff (I’m afraid that I was so tired that I don’t remember who was there and who I met shortly thereafter). One of my roommates, Julie (a veteran CCS staffmember), met us at the airport and helped me get settled in to our apartment (pictures to come later). She’s been absolutely fabulous, and we’re pretty sure we’re going to get along just great. Our other roommate, Hadit, is a Bolivian student who is finishing University, she does not speak any English, but hopefully I’ll learn enough Spanish to be able to hold conversations with her. I think my favorite part of the living arrangements so far is the fact that Julie has a dog, Dulce. Hopefully Minnie (my family’s dog) won’t get too jealous.

What else? Chris, Christine and myself had a delicious meal at the Shipsters (the SIM Bolivia director and his family) house Wednesday night, and Thursday was spent at the school for new teacher orientation. I know I’ll have to keep asking a million questions, but everyone is very kind and helpful, so things should go well. Today was spent at the school prepping for the start of classes on Monday, tonight is Life Group at the Shipsters and tomorrow is the SIM orientation. It’s a lot of information, please pray that I can learn it all in a timely fashion!

As many of you know, my teaching assignment was a bit up in the air, but I now have my official assignment. I’ll teach an elective drama class on Mondays for a double period (about an hour and a half); we’ll give the students an opportunity to sign up this week, which will in turn give us a little time to decide what, exactly, we’re doing for our production! I’ll also be taking over in 9th grade English (formerly taught by David Fuller, the school director); David will still teach this first week, and give me help and advice thereafter, and I’ll begin teaching starting the second week of school. Currently I’m working on getting my units roughly outlined, and starting detailed plans for my first unit. I’ll do four units this semester: Romeo and Juliet (drama), poetry, short stories (part 2, they did another short unit in the fall), and Lord of the Flies (novel). I’m a bit nervous (to understate things), but I’m glad that I’m very familiar with the works in the two biggest units (Romeo and Juliet, and Lord of the Flies).

As I said, this is all a lot for me to absorb/learn, so I would appreciate your prayers. The good news is that Chris and I are the answers to prayer: the school was praying hard for new teachers for the spring semester and have told us that this is the most new teachers they’ve ever had arrive in January.

Hopefully this was all coherent, I’ll update more later!


Katherine Elyse

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  • stephanie d says:

    YAY!!!! soo glad you got there ok, your mom has been keeping me updated! :) wow! sounds like you’ll be very busy! glad everything worked out! hope all is still well and im praying for you and chris!

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