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Tickin’ away     

Posted by Katherine Putnam on April 17th, 2010

“Time is tickin’ away, tick tick tickin’ away…”

Less than two weeks until the play (April 29th and 30th): yikes! I’m reaching the point I always hit in high school, the point where I freak out because I can’t see how the play will ever come together in time. Only now my freak out is more pronounced due to the fact that I’m in charge of this production! As a worrywart I can’t help but feel if something goes wrong or doesn’t come together then it is my fault. Le sigh. I know. I know. I know that play’s always come together in the last week or so, but that doesn’t make it any less stressful!

I currently have a to do list at least fifteen tasks long, and I’m sure by the end of the day I’ll remember five more that need to be added on. This past week I haven’t had a spare moment during the school day as I’ve spent all my non-teaching time painting sets and prepping props. Though (even through the stress) I must admit that I love set painting; it somehow manages to relax me just a little bit. Below I’ve posted some pictures of what we’ve–Andrea (the set designer/lighting coordinator), Chris, Rachel (cast member), Sydney (cast member) and I–gotten done in terms of set painting, and some pictures of the prop/costume room.


Although the play is taking up most of my time (and mind), I have a little space left over to think about two things: money and food.

I recently checked on my support status and discovered that, although I’m staying slightly under budget, I’m still coming up short on support. There’s a long, boring story about my mini-freak out when SIM USA suggested changing my plane ticket and bringing me home early (to which I had to wonder: what was the point of my promising to pay the difference if I didn’t raise enough support if they’re just going to yank me out as soon as I inquire about my support status?) and my frantic calculations to see how FAR under budget I’d have to stay in order to make up for the support I’m missing; but like I said, those tales are boring, so I’ll skip them. However, if you would like more information check out my updated support page.

On the topic of food: I’m still as in love as ever with the glorious trancapecho. During our last Skype call my mom told me that if you google “trancapecho” (searching in English) my blog pops up on the first page of results! I think that’s pretty darn cool. Chris has been kind enough as to indulge my obsession with trancapecho by frequently accompanying me to Las Islas. On our last trip I finally remembered to take my camera with me. Of course I forgot to get a picture of Las Islas itself, but I did get a few pictures of the trancas!


Well, in half an hour or so Chris and I are going to head out to CCS (yes, on a Saturday); Chris is helping with the Condor (the yearbook) and I’m going to work on more prop making/set painting.

Please continue to keep the play in prayer as we approach our final performances: pray that the rest of the props/costumes come in, that the students stop dropping lines and cues, that they remember where the set pieces need to go and (most of all) that both the cast and the audience enjoy themselves during the performances!


Katherine Elyse

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