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Posted by Katherine Putnam on May 29th, 2010

“Forever God is faithful, forever God is strong, forever God is with us, forever…”

Brief update on Josiah, and prayer requests.

Josiah is continuing to do well after surgery, although we all continue to stress that he still has a long way to go and needs a lot of prayer. He woke up from his sedation yesterday and carried on a hand-squeeze conversation with the doctors (as a breathing tube was still down his throat). The great news from that is: he can move, he knows where he is, he knows what happened, and he could answer questions that were asked in Spanish!

Molly and Erik have gotten to see him for short increments of time, as he’s still in ICU. He seems to be reacting badly to the sedation, as he’s had a few delusions again. Pray that his mind clears. Also, please pray for his continued healing; there is still swelling in the brain, not to mention he still has physical therapy ahead of him.

Speaking of prayer requests, as a form of encouragement for Josiah and the family, Erik has created a map (stolen from facebook and pictured below–click to see a larger version). The highlighted countries are those where we know people are praying for Josiah. Here’s my request for (any and) all of you: pass these prayer requests on. Pass them on to your churches, pass them on to your friends, and if you know of anyone from another country that is willing to pray for Josiah, then please comment and let me know so I can pass that encouragement on to the Lindquists. It is incredible what God has done for Josiah (and the family) thus far; it is also incredible to see the worldwide body of believers stepping up in prayer for Josiah.

***Note, the map is already behind; they’ve received word from more countries since the map was last updated.***

Thank you for your prayers thus far; I ask that you continue to uplift Josiah and the Lindquist family.


Katherine Elyse

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