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No business     

Posted by Katherine Putnam on May 3rd, 2010

“There’s no business like show business, like no business I know…”

It’s hard to believe, but the play is over. After three months of practices and preparations, several weeks of extra after school rehearsals, one frantic tech week, and then, finally, we enjoyed two adrenaline filled nights of performances.

Although I’m far too close to the matter to really tell, I think things went very well. I’m quite proud of how the kids handled their performances; there were mistakes, of course, but the audience was largely unaware. One girl fell but kept it in character; another boy skipped a few lines but, again, kept in character. I’m almost more proud that they made mistakes and covered them in a professional matter than I would be if everything went off without a hitch. Yet, to put things into perspective, those were the largest “hitches” we had! The kids did an incredible job and I can’t stress enough how very, very proud I am of them. To top it all off, today in school I overhead other students quoting the play to each other. I even had a few people tell me that they liked the play better than the movie (matter of taste, I suppose, but it was fun to hear).

I’m trying not to feel too proud of the work I put into the play, or the results; every time I start to feel proud of how things are going (in either of my classes) I get a nasty dose of reality and disappointment. But it was strange, for example, to overhear a compliment a costume and realize (while I may not have made it) that I had a hand in designing/choosing it.

Speaking of costumes and other aspects of the play: I could NOT have done this alone! My assistant director (though that feels an inadequate term), Eliana, put in a ridiculous, much appreciated amount of work: attending/helping at every practice, helping design and apply make up and hairstyles, and creating many of our more unique/time consuming costume pieces (the flowers, bird wings, Humpty Dumpty’s egg, just to name a few). A huge costuming thanks should also go out to Kerry (wife of CCS’s director) who purchased and made many costumes. The lighting would not have happened without Andrea and the high school boys; Andrea also deserves much (if not all) the credit for the sets. Charlie and Brandon (Bible and math teachers at Carachi) did a fantastic job running sound and trouble shooting all the glitches that came up. Who else? The “Taller” (tay-yer) workers who made the sets, the sixth graders who made promotional posters, the staff members that handled ticket sales, Chris for staying late with me and helping with set painting/props, David (CCS director) for all his help and advice…the list goes on and on. I don’t think I can thank anyone enough for their help and support!

Anywho, enough mush: on to the pictures! FYI: hover your mouse over the pictures for (additional) captions.

 “If you don’t know who you are, I could be Alice, you could be the White Rabbit!”
 “Oh, my tears are making a large puddle!”
 “My feathers are stuck together.”
 “Can you recite my favorite poem?”
 “I met your grin there, but I didn’t meet you.”
 “If you think we’re waxworks, you ought to pay. Waxworks weren’t made to be looked at for nothing, no how!”
 “It’s always tea time now, we never have time to wash the plates, the cups, the saucers.”
 “Tell us a story, and be quick about it or you’ll be asleep again before it’s done.”
 “Can all the flowers talk?”
 “If that’s what you call a-dressing. I’ve been a-dressing myself for hours; nothing I wear fits right!”
 “It’s most provoking when a person can’t tell the difference between a belt and a bow tie.”
 “Oh I always win. It’s hardly any fun when you lose, so if I lose I say I win. That way I always feel very good about myself.”
 “Friend? What a lovely idea. I’ve never had a friend you know.”
 “[Queen of Hearts] Collar that Dormouse!”
 “All creatures named Alice must leave the court. It’s the oldest rule in the book.”
 The beautiful flowers given to me by Chris (flower arrangement) and the cast (the bouquets).

Unfortunately the videos I took during dress rehearsals are currently too big to upload; but keep a weather eye out, I’ll upload them as soon as I can.

In other news: there’s a paro tomorrow, I’m giving the message in chapel on Wednesday, I have my admin evaluation on Friday and Saturday is the Celebration Banquet (“Prom”) for high school. Big week!


Katherine Elyse

2 Responses to “No business”     

  • Aunt Sherry says:

    Amazed at the costumes and sets, especially since I doubt if you have Dollar trees or Walmarts for all the odds and ends.

  • Aunt Deb says:

    I’m so proud of you(and not just about the play)Thanks for your interesting/amusing blog which allows us to share your adventure. I always print it out for MomMom to enjoy as well:)

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