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Posted by Katherine Putnam on July 15th, 2010

“Time may change me, but I can’t trace time…”

Well, Chris and I have been back for a little over a week now. It’s a little strange, being back. Not strange in the sense that I need to readjust to Western culture or how or order food without doing it in Spanish or anything, but strange in the sense that I’ve been counting down to being home for so long that it feels strange to finally be home and no longer counting down.

The biggest stress about re-entry is the realization that I’m back to “real life;” I need to find a job, plan a wedding, catch up with loved ones and find time to do the odd little things I want to do (but which, I realize, aren’t priority one right now). We’ve spent the past week (mostly) relaxing–first at my house and now at Chris’s. Unfortunately, Chris has managed to be somewhat productive, which makes my current, lazy state look all the lazier. I don’t know why I feel the need to procrastinate on important things, though I wonder if I’m procrastinating on the job search because I don’t have a good idea of What I Want To Do With My Life and therefore want to put off finding just Any Old Job (which, odds are, won’t relate to my interests and I won’t like). Plus job searching falls under that vast category of Things I Don’t Really Know How To Do. Wedding planning lives there too…but it’s more fun…for now.

My current kick (which does count as procrastination, even though it may one day become useful) is looking at articles and photo slideshows on Country Living’s and Better Homes and Gardens’ websites, gathering ideas for decorating and organizing whatever space we (Chris and I) end up renting. I’m not super girly or crafty, but I love looking at the vast arrays of ideas and suggestions and thinking “I could do that” or “I could modify that so it’s less nauseating and frilly but still keeps the awesome functional aspects.” I realize that I should definitely learn to do some basic sewing. I also realized that I need to learn the fine art of bargain shopping (yard sales, garage sales, flea markets, clearances, going out of business sales, etc, etc, etc). I mean, I look at sites where people show their fantastic finds from yard sales or Goodwill and think, “what magical land do they bargain shop in? All I find when I go to Goodwill is ugly rubbish, how do they find these amazing pieces? WHERE are they shopping?” Ugh. But I digress.

On the same vein (decorating/organizing), I’m finding that I not only enjoy drawing designs/ideas for our “Some Day” apartment or dream house, but I like looking at existing spaces/messes and drawing ideas for how I think they could be improved and organized. I don’t think I’ll ever be an interior decorator, but maybe someone could invent a job where I come in, make people throw out all their junk and help them reorganize and improve their current spaces. And maybe decorate…a little. So, maybe someone could get to work inventing that job and hiring me for it, yes?

Continuing in the realm of random: I’ve received my first payment from Associated Content (a little over $2.00!). The payment I receive for writing for AC is not likely to make me rich, or even provide a decent income, but it’s fun pocket change and a good opportunity to improve my online-writing-skills. And, you know, receive angry comments. Yay.

Further random: Chris and I are giving up soft drinks (soda). Why? Because we found ourselves drinking one (or more) a day down in Bolivia (due to a variety of reasons: it’s cheap, it’s safer than water, it tastes delicious…) and realized that this was not a habit to take back to the States. And while I’ve never liked thinking about dieting or eating healthily, I do realize that cutting soda out will probably be a great thing for me. And after a week without soda I’m still not dead, so I have hopes that I can keep this up. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss the refreshing taste of Coca Cola. ‘Cause I do. A lot. I may write a ballad.

So to sum up: we’ve been back for a week, Chris is busy job searching, I’m busy procrastinating and instead slowly mutating into Martha Stewart, and we’re doing this all without the aid of soft drinks.

So…changes are a-brewin’. Pray that we find jobs; pray that we find jobs that we will be happy doing and that will provide adequate payment for our needs…and that Chris could find one in the Harrisburg area. Pray for wedding plans (ours as well as Natalie and Chad’s). Pray that we adjust well to once again living hours away from each other. Pray for the Lindquists as they finish out their time in Bolivia, and as Josiah continues to do better and better (read the latest news here). And praise the Lord for bringing us home safe and sound!


Katherine Elyse

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