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Posted by Katherine Putnam on July 6th, 2010

“Another aeroplane, another sunny place, I’m lucky I know, but I wanna go home…”

After six months I can hardly believe that I’m almost home! Yet, despite my disbelief, I’m writing this from a food court in the Miami International Airport, listening to the repetitive loudspeaker reminders to: not leave baggage unattended, not to agree to carry anything for a stranger, to remember the rules for liquids in your carry on…blah blah blah.

I was very nervous about the first leg of our journey (Bolivia to Miami) as it wouldn’t really be “our” journey. Chris left early Monday morning to catch a flota to La Paz where he would catch a flight that night to Santa Cruz and then on to Miami. Meanwhile I would stay in Coch until that evening when I would take a flight to Santa Cruz where I would catch my connecting flight to Miami. I was not looking forward to being alone on the leg of the journey when I would most need Chris’s help (especially his Spanish language skills). However, God answered my prayers regarding the travel and everything has gone very smoothly thus far. The only kerfluffle came on my overnight flight from Santa Cruz to Miami when (maybe…half an hour after take off?) it became digustingly, unavoidably, obnoxiously apparent that one of the American passengers was very, VERY drunk. When the flight attendants (the majority of which were, blessedly, tall, capable looking men instead of wispy, coiffed stewardesses) finally wrestled his large bottle of duty-free whiskey away from him it was over half empty. Thus we (the other passengers, flight attendants, and I) were subjected to roughly an hour of his cursing, ranting, roaming the aisles, maligning anyone and everyone who came to mind, sharing that he already had a felony on his record, etc, etc as the flight attendants tried to keep him in check while still performing their normal duties. By the end of it I wanted to stand up and apologize to the other nationalities on our flight on behalf of America; he was just such a stereotypical example of an obnoxious American, amplified by lots and lots of alcohol. (One “funny” moment came when a flight attendant tried to get him to drink some water and he refused on the grounds that there was no alcohol in it. Yeah.)

Anywho. I think this post will remain rather short and boring, but it’s about time that Chris and I moved towards our gate to wait for boarding.

Besides, I hope to (also) be telling some stories in person from now on.


Katherine Elyse

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