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A touch of paint     

Posted by Katherine Putnam on September 13th, 2010

“A touch of paint, a magic nail, can turn a kitchen chair into a Chippendale; even make a lamp appear like a crystal chandelier…”

I’ve been getting in touch with my crafty/DIY side lately. But I’ll get to that in a little bit.

As I said in my last post, my lovely cousin Natalie is a married lady now! Last Saturday (9/4) Natalie married Chad in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect and the wind (despite its attempts) did not manage to blow the tent over or the guests away. I loved the air that Natalie and the inhabitants of “Wedding World” created for both the ceremony and reception; everything was beautiful, fun, comfortable, sweet, sincere, memorable…and felt just like what it was: a huge celebration of Natalie and Chad’s love, and the love their friends and family feel for them.

In addition to playing a (very fun!) supporting role as bridesmaid, I was also given the vague task of creating a decoration for the ice cream table at the reception. Aunt Sherry asked for it to be ice cream cones between 18 and 24 inches high…but the details were up to me. With such broad terms I was a bit nervous that what I came up with would miss the mark; in the end I had fun and I think my creation was a success!

  I decided that I wanted to make the cones 3-D. So I went to AC Moore and bought some Styrofoam cones and spheres. The cones were the perfect shape already, so I left them as is. The spheres needed some elbow grease to transform them into scoops. Elbow grease, in this case, turned out to be a long bread knife and a metal soup spoon. After I created the shapes I needed I painted the Styrofoam with (Styrofoam friendly) paint.
  I made little signs to use as embellishments on the cones. I made them out of scrapbook paper and added detail with a little glue and multi-colored beads. And the wording? Maybe it was cliche…
  …but I thought it was fun. What you can’t see is how this particular sign is covering a hole in the cone. I used pieces of a metal coat hanger to stand the cones in the jar…and…well, miscalculated some of the mechanics.
  The jar! White, rough stones and smooth, translucent blue stones from the Dollar Store mix together to create a sturdy base for the tall cones.
  One of my favorite details is best seen from above. While the blue paint was still drying I took handfulls of beads and…
  …sprinkled them on!

For pictures of the wedding (and, you know, the people in it), check out the official photos from Shannon Odell Photography.

In other news, I’m once again working at the otolaryngologist’s office. Yay for employment! The work is, once again, temporary; an employee quit (and didn’t give notice, how kind) and they need a receptionist while they hire and train a new employee. I’ll be driving much farther (I’m going to a different office than usual), but I’m just happy to have work.

Back to my recent forays into crafts (ice cream concoction above) and DIY…Chris and I are almost finished revamping the hutch we purchased. I forgot to get any “before” pictures, so you’ll have to imagine the ugly sage green color and outdated white hardware that used to grace this piece.

  Chris and I finished touching up the last bit of glossy black paint and moved the hutch in on Saturday. The “dining set” is temporary: Mom and Dad’s card table (on loan), clearance folding chairs from Target, and a (oversized) white table cloth, also from Target.
  A closer view of the hutch. It’s actually two separate pieces that the previous owners repurposed to make a hutch. We found new hardware for the bottom cabinets, but I’ve yet to order smaller hardware for the top drawers.
  Eventually the hutch will hold more kitchen related items, but for now it’s doubling as a bookshelf for some of Chris’s library.
  Dad gave us this cool glass bowl (freebie from the bank) and I bought vase filler and a place mat from Target to help decorate. Not sure it works, but it’ll do for now.

Last picture of the post: me with my nieces (Aliza’s girls) at the park. I was lucky enough to get to hang out with them for a few hours the Thursday before Natalie’s wedding. Such cute girls, I can’t wait to meet the next little one.


Katherine Elyse

4 Responses to “A touch of paint”     

  • stephd says:

    Katie!!!!! you are sooo crafty!!!!! i loved those cones you did, i would have never guessed they were from styrofoam!!!!!! :) awesome job!!!!! :)

  • Aunt Sherry says:

    Katie-Katherine, you are such a dear. I never doubted for a moment that the cones would be absolutely wonderful.
    The hutch looks great and I love the chairs.

  • Aunt Sherry says:

    P.S. so glad about the employment. How kind of God to give you a temporary assignment.

  • Aliza says:

    Nice job on the hutch! It really looks nice and even though I didn’t see the “before” I can imagine what it looked like.

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