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One step     

Posted by Katherine Putnam on October 13th, 2010

“I’m always thinking one step ahead, like a…carpenter…that makes stairs.”

As usual, Chris and I have been working on an apartment related project. This past few weeks it’s been the staircase.

The stairs have always had a lot of potential with the exposed feel of the metal railing and simple treads. Originally the tops of the treads were carpeted. Why? Good question. I have no answer. When the landlords arranged for the apartment to be recarpeted we asked that they would leave the stairs un-carpeted. We were then left with dark cream colored railings and blank-canvas treads.

No in between pictures of the stairs sans carpet, so here’s a picture of the stairs as we originally found them.

At first we thought we’d paint the railings black, but we later decided that would look too heavy as a central point in the room (kitchen/living/all-in-one-downstairs) so we changed to white. Chris was a great sport and spent quite a few days with a ladder as his only way to get up and downstairs. The metal structure took two days to paint (I traveled up on some mid-week days off) and then Chris brought the treads back to my house where we stained them in “ebony,” a shade that almost matches the exposed beams on the ceiling.

The process:

And now we have a lovely, finished staircase! I think it’s a great improvement over the state we found it in. I’m so grateful for the hard work Chris put in (pulling out all the leftover staples from the carpeting, painting, sanding and staining); I’m also quite grateful for landlords who let us make so many changes to make the apartment our own!

Next project? We’ll see…


Katherine Elyse

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