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To pieces     

Posted by Katherine Putnam on October 13th, 2010

“School’s out for summer, school’s out forever, school’s been blown to pieces…”

It’s my second year out of school, and it still feels bizarre to not be going back, to not move back in, to not check the Lost Films schedule, to not be going to classes, staying up late and eating way too much Union food.

It’s Homecoming Weekend at Messiah and I find myself getting very nostalgic, dusting off more memories than usual and lingering over them with a dash more melodrama than I normally apply. I had a wonderful college experience. Were there bad roommates and tough classes and minor crisis (am I in the right major)? Of course there were; but when I look back on my college experience, the bad times aren’t what I remember. I remember England, Tau, SFH, and the friendships that grew out of those experiences.

The summer following my high school graduation I went to Puerto Rico on a week long work camp through my church’s youth group; although that was my first time out of the country, I still feel like my semester in England is the first that really counts (c’mon, I didn’t even need a passport to go to PR!). I’ve always been freaked out by large changes and new situations, so even as I put my name in for study abroad in Cheltenham I thought I was doing something crazy. It was way, way outside my comfort zone, but I’m so very, very glad that I did it. I don’t know whether my future holds more travel possibilities, so I cherish the trips I was able to take through the UK and Europe: trips to Bath, London, Stonehenge, Oxford, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and the mad two weeks dashing through Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Vienna, Salzburg, Rome and Pisa. One of my favorite parts of living in Cheltenham was that it only took a 2(ish) hour bus ride to get into London! With no classes on Monday and Tuesday I took quite a few opportunities to go into London to see shows at the West End. Even with the horrible exchange rate it was STILL cheaper to buy bus tickets to and from London, buy a theater ticket and buy lunch and dinner at pubs than it is to buy just a ticket to Broadway.

The best part of that semester, however, was the friendships it brought me. I’ll never forgot the crazy costumed adventures that Lisa, Dana, Shannon and I embarked on, nor will I forgot the many hours Lisa, Leanne and I logged watching The Office. I still can’t believe that it took crossing the Atlantic to meet Lisa and Leanne, two lovely, lovely ladies from my own school and in my own major!

(As always, don’t forget to mouse over pictures for captions.)


England helped introduce me to Lisa, who helped introduce me to Mike and Dave and Sammi and Vikki and Steve and Andrea and Chris, etc, etc…all the lovely people involved with Mike’s Tau Productions…well…productions. I’ve always enjoyed acting, but working on Incubus and Eva (among other projects) are my favorite acting memories. What can top running around in combat gear or wearing an eye patch? I can’t adequately describe the fun we had. Things sucked at times, and tempers flared, but no matter how cramped the hallway, no matter how many lights blew or how thoroughly our sweat soaked through our costumes, we still had a lot of fun. When I’m feeling particularly nostalgic I’ll watch behind the scenes videos from our shoots, or sift through the photos on Facebook, or start rambling on with stories that never mean as much to the listener as they do to me. Aside from changing the way I view long lines to the ladies room, my time with Tau introduced me to a wonderful group that became some of my closest and most beloved friends.


Speaking of beloved friends (and rounding out my nostalgic rant), the more time Chris and I spend working on [what will soon be] our apartment, the more I find myself thinking back to the SF House. Senior year was definitely the best living situation I experience while in college. The house wasn’t perfect, but I was living with close friends: beautiful young women filled with compassion, faith, integrity, a strong work ethic, kindness and a great sense of fun. We all worked together to make that hand-me-down house a home: our home. I am so grateful for that year: for our commitment to having meals and quality time together, for the effort we put into making the house the best it could be, for dance parties and “girls’ movie nights” spent watching Hot Fuzz, for adventures together and for friendships that have held strong long past the end of our time in the house.


I am so grateful for all the wonderful memories Messiah gave to me. Memories aside, I’m most grateful for the friendships that helped make those memories. Cheesy? Yeah, I know…but it’s true. This weekend I’m heading back to Messiah for Homecoming. It’s always weird going back post-graduation; I feel like an outsider and at the same time I feel like I never left. But I’m thoroughly enjoying life post-Messiah. Soon enough I’ll be drafting a nostalgic post about these first few years out.


Katherine Elyse

P.S.- All photos are lovingly “borrowed” from Facebook. Many thanks to those I borrowed them from.

P.P.S.- I started drafting this post weeks and weeks ago. One more blogging fail for me. So I’ll post twice in one night.

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