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Posted by Katherine Putnam on November 27th, 2010

“What is Christmas with no snow? No white Christmas with no snow…”

I love my family. I really do. I suppose that’s an obvious sentiment, but when I think of all the sad families that AREN’T planning their third annual White Christmas Viewing/Costume Party I get a little sad. (Yes, that’s right. I said third. Click to see pictures of one and two, brought to you by Aliza’s fabulous and much-more-routinely-updated blog.) People tend to look at you strangely when you tell them that your family gets together every year to watch White Christmas; people tend to think you’re certifiable when you tell them that your family creates costumes and comes to the party as a character (or set piece) from the movie. Whatever others may think, I think it is wonderful! Seriously, how many families are this fun? How many families are willing to be this silly? For that matter, how many families gather together every year for an event like this? As the date of this year’s soiree approaches, I’m reminded of how very lucky I am to be part of this clan. (Not to mention how lucky I am to have a fiance that is willing to join our traditions!)

However, I am starting to worry that mom and I set the bar too high for ourselves with last year’s set up. How are we supposed to top erecting an army mess tent in our dining room? Here’s hoping that our plan for this year isn’t too much of a disappointment after last year’s army theme.

(For those who thought I’d let the new theme slip: yeah, right. You won’t get any hints out of me!)

On another holiday note, tomorrow Chris and I will head back to PA after spending Thanksgiving with his parents in NY. Dividing holidays is not a completely new habit for us: last year we went to his parents’ for Christmas and spent New Year’s with my family. Still, it doesn’t stop me from feeling a little strange to be away from my family on Thanksgiving. Not to mention that splitting holidays seems oddly adult-like, and I rarely (if ever) feel like an adult. Although I’ve just stated that splitting holidays seems strange and odd, I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s bad thing; it’s just different. (“I’m not a good change or a bad change; I’m Dorothy Gale, from Kansas!” Or something like that.) It’s something new to adjust to, just like living away from home was new when I started college. Living away from home was odd but, again, not bad. It was just a sign that I was embarking on a new part of my life: the college part. Now I’m past the college part and about to enter a brand new era: marriage. If I look at it that way, splitting holidays is just an outward sign of how Chris and I are combining our two lives into one.

But it’s still a little weird.

Speaking of that event in March where we’ll officially join our lives together (Holy forced segue, Batman!): plans continue apace. Unfortunately I’m still unsure of whether that pace is slow or fast; having never planned a wedding I can’t tell if we’re ahead of or behind schedule. Nevertheless, things are getting decided. After months of trying to lock down the elusive color scheme that kept pinballing around my head, mom and I stumbled upon a lovely google image that contained a color scheme that locked into place the vague ideas that had been floating around in my mind. The image contained color samples and other elements that reflected the charcoal grey (gray?) that I knew I wanted and the teal that I thought I wanted but didn’t have an exact picture of or name for. It also provided a few ideas for minor accent colors, but let’s keep some mystery, shall we? Invitations are designed and ready for last minute tweaks and then a sample print. Ceremony (schedule? order? whatever you call it) has been laid out. Verses and songs have been picked. Now to buckle down and finish the rest of the planning!

One thing I’m very nervous about working on is the asking-of-favors-part. I’m horrible at asking people for help or assistance of any kind. Doesn’t matter if I know the person well or not, doesn’t matter if I know they’ll say yes: I’m still ridiculously nervous. We have individuals in mind to ask for assistance on all kinds of tasks: make up, hair, sound, music, etc…I just wish it was socially acceptable to ask via post card. Or carrier pigeon. Pony express? Something that doesn’t require me to muck up the asking by getting tongue-tied, red-faced and embarrassed. So if I start blushing or stuttering around you in the near future, that may be a sign I’m about to ask for help. Muscle through or run for the hills: it’s your choice.

Well, enough rambling: back to planning!


Katherine Elyse

 P.S. – Maybe I’ll manage to update once more before December rolls around, but don’t get your hopes up!
 P.P.S. – It snowed last night; it was just a dusting, but the first (at least the first I saw) snow of the season nonetheless!

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