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What’s the story     

Posted by Katherine Putnam on January 11th, 2012

“What’s the story, morning glory? What’s the tale, nightingale?”

Happy soon-to-be-end-of-the-world everyone! (Because, you know, all the other end of the world predictions have come true, why shouldn’t this one? Right? What’s that you say about a thief in the night? Pish posh. Pish. Posh.)

Moving right along to our main event: news.

Medical News: Abbey’s surgery was a smashing success. Chickadee’s doing so well that not only did she leave the hospital three days after her surgery but she’s also taken a post-op jaunt on the Appalachian Trail! Crazy kid. (Awesome kid, but crazy.) Thanks for all your prayers; God is quite faithful!

Holiday News: We’ve enjoyed quite a stretched out Christmas season. We exchanged gifts with my grandparents and the Gingrich family a week prior to Christmas (and received the MOST AWESOME homemade reusable grocery bags in the history of ever from my uber talented cousin Aliza), spent five days over the holiday weekend with Chris’s family, and just had a Christmas exchange with my family this past weekend. Natalie and I have yet to set a date for our catch up/gift exchange…so Christmas isn’t over!

Resolution News: I’ve set a challenge for myself in the new year; I have resolved to review every movie I own. Whether that will get finished this year, I’m not sure. (I haven’t counted up how many movies that is!) I also haven’t decided if I’m including TV shows (probably not, but who knows); I have decided to include miniseries (I received Our Mutual Friend for Christmas–hallelujah!). I hope to attempt one a week. Of course, I hoped to start last week. So…there’s that. But the bottom line is that I need to keep writing. It’s like riding a bike: sure, you can hop back on and go at it any time you please, but the results won’t be as good if you don’t practice consistently. (What happened to that metaphor? It sounded so good in my head. Oh well.)

Obsession News: Three words. Young. House. Love. I’m obsessed. Completely, utterly obsessed with these talented, well spoken (written?), classy, hard working young parents/DIYers. Their blog is a fount of beauty and knowledge. Check it out; I’m sure you’ll be hooked too. (They’re in the midst of their kitchen renovation right now and I’m completely serious when I say I get ridiculously excited about each finished step in the process. I guess I won’t say I’m AS excited as they are because, c’mon, it’s a whole new level of excitement when it’s progress in your own home. But my levels are only off by a smidge.)

OCD News: Chris and I decided not to exchange gifts, but to shop together post Christmas. It’s post Christmas and we’ve yet to shop. However, Chris is well aware of what I want: storage boxes. Preferably pretty storage boxes. Or bins. Or whatever will work to suit my obsessive need to have everything in its very own place.

Chomping-at-the-Bit News: As we work on a few small “finishing touch” type projects, I find I’m longing for a (slightly) larger, more permanent place to call our own. Hmmm…maybe that’s why I was so elated when YHL put in their new Corian counter tops. And why I’m so jazzed for them to finish their penny tile back splash. I’m living vicariously through them right now. Dangnabit! I wish we could be Real Life friends with them. They seem like good folk.

Photo News: I haven’t remembered to charge my camera, so photos of a few finished/soon to be finished projects will have to wait until the next post.


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