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Cinema firmament     

Posted by Katherine Putnam on September 8th, 2012

“‘People?’ I ain’t ‘people!’ I’m a ‘glittering star in the cinema firmament.’ It says so, right here.”

We take a break from my rambling, faith related musings so I can celebrate the completion of a small acting gig.

A friend from college, Becca, is working for a local production company and sent out a casting call for a modern day parable. I went in for a quick audition a week or two ago, received word on Thursday that I had been cast, and filmed it today!

The project was a short (4 page) piece intended for evangelical use (the parable is intended to serve as a jumping off point for discussion), although I’m afraid I’m not sure where it will be used, so there’s a good chance no one may ever see it. I played a receptionist at a doctor’s office, and joked that I had “literally trained for this role for years.”

We wrapped after about five hours (including a free lunch, woot woot!), half of which I spent out of frame, working on a secret project of my own. My performance was no ground-breaking revelation in acting, but it was fun to be in front of a camera again. I found myself getting a kick out of every little thing: getting a touch of make up done (as someone who doesn’t really own a lot of make up and can barely apply what little she has, I take way too much pleasure out of getting mine done by someone who has any clue what they’re up to), memorizing lines, even resetting between takes.

I’ll admit I felt a smidge out of place amongst (mostly) older actors who had a lot of local (Sight and Sound, Rainbow Dinner Theater, Fulton, etc) credits to their names and who kept busy chatting about which directors they knew and co-stars they had in common, etc. They weren’t snooty about it or anything, I just ended up more aware of my lack of experience than I wanted to be.

Feelings of theatrical insignificance aside, overall it was a fun few hours. Oh! And it was a paying gig. How cool is that? Makes me feel all fancy. Made me miss the good ol’ Messiah filming days though. (Sad face.) Though now that Sammi and Becca are both around, I’m of the mindset that we should make something together. Eh? EH? Hint hint. Nudge nudge.

Anywho. So that’s my little tidbit of news for this week. This time next week we’ll be recovering from our 5K (while babysitting), so prayers would be appreciated!

And speaking of prayers: praise the Lord for Natalie and Chad’s adorable baby boy! I can’t wait to meet him.


Katherine Elyse

2 Responses to “Cinema firmament”     

  • steph warner says:

    :) acting as a receptionist, yeah youve had lots of practice for that! ;) that would be fun to watch!
    and goodluck with the 5k!
    so happy for Natalie and Chad!

  • Natalie says:

    Haddon can’t wait until you can spin him and be the horse and all the other wondeful things you do with his cousins!!

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