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Special technique     

Posted by Katherine Putnam on October 23rd, 2012

“Go on then, run!”
“Isn’t there some kind of like…special technique?”
“Well…yeah…you put one leg in front of the other over and over again really really fast.”

So, we ran another race.

I know, it surprised me too.

This past weekend was Homecoming at Messiah and, while most of the events didn’t tempt us, we couldn’t help but sign up for the Falcon Fun Run. The Fun Run is a two mile course that starts at the track and meanders around Starry, parts of the Fitness Trail, and Mellinger before ending back at the track. The race contained a few hills and some slippery (leaf or mulch covered) surfaces, but overall it was a pleasant run; I only felt like I was going to die once, true facts.

My completely-flat-surface workouts at the indoor track have brought my mile time down significantly (averaging around eight-and-a-half minutes per mile for my three mile jaunts), so I was bound and determined to come in with a nine minute mile time at worst. My true hope was that–despite the understanding that an outdoor course would be more challenging than an indoor track, duh doy–I’d be able to come close to my indoor track times, as I would be running one less mile and would (hopefully) be able to pace myself a little faster.

Well, I met one goal but not the other. I came in with a time of 17:53, which just barely squeaks under my nine minutes per mile (or else) goal. I was a bit bummed that the time wasn’t closer to a flat 17 minutes, but mostly I’m just glad that I stayed under nine minutes (and that the course wasn’t mostly uphill…I can’t stress how much I hated the Sasquatch hills).

I would love to do the Fun Run again next year (schedule permitting) and see how my time has improved.

For now, I’ll just appreciate the lingering muscular burn as I skim the handful of half-finished blog posts that are begging to be combed through and completed. (Note that I made no promises that they would be coherent, just complete.)


Katherine Elyse

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