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Doesn’t sound fun
Posted by Katherine Putnam on February 23rd, 2013

“Hobbies?” “Organizing my agenda. Wait, that doesn’t sound fun…jammin’ on my planner!” Here comes a random little organizational update with way more pictures and details than anyone could need or want…but I’m trying to get in the habit of taking more pictures of projects in the event we ever buy a house and I decide […]

Cleaning crud
Posted by Katherine Putnam on April 4th, 2012

“Come and roll your sleeves up so that we can pitch in, cleaning crud up in the kitchen as we sing along.” And now for something completely different. So you all know that I’m obsessed with Young House Love. You also know that I’m a bit enamored with cleaning and organizing. So when I stumbled […]

Posted by Katherine Putnam on February 11th, 2012

“TMI? Too Much Information. It’s just easier to say ‘TMI.’ I used to say ‘don’t go there,’ but that’s lame.” So I realized that, while I’ve been doggedly plugging away at this resolution of mine, I haven’t really done a life update in awhile. Not that I think anyone’s dying for one of those or […]

Built for two
Posted by Katherine Putnam on April 22nd, 2011

“Then gosh-o-mighty, all at once the cabin that we knew becomes a shiny castle built for two.” Yet another post in which I shamelessly let photos do most of the talking. We were blessed with many lovely gifts and gift cards at the wedding, the latter of which we swiftly squandered on trappings for the […]

Posted by Katherine Putnam on February 4th, 2011

“…or an icicle has snapped off his roof and impaled his brain. He has this terrible habit of standing directly underneath them. And staring up at them. And I always say, “Michael, take two steps back and stare at the icicle from the side.” And he’s like, “no, I like the way they look from […]